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12 worst foods with Diabetes that can make you feel Hell

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Fond of chocolates? But scared of Diabetes. No problem, you can go ahead and eat your favorite sweet dish but in a limited amount.

High blood sugar levels increase the risk of Diabetes. But sugar is not the key driver of diabetes. It is not responsible for your diabetic condition. Yes, you heard it right. Glucose is the main source of energy. So cutting down sugar from your diet will not solve the problem.

There is a huge difference between two types of diabetes which is mainly taken under consideration:

1) Diabetes type 1
2) Diabetes type 2

Type 1 occurs because your immune system wrecks up your pancreatic cells and thus preventing insulin to secrete. It’s an autoimmune state which is mainly a genetic reason. Thus consuming more or less sugar will have no effect. If you are daily administered with insulin then you fall in this category.

Sugar is not directly related to Type 2. Here cells of pancreas ooze out insulin but the body fails to respond properly. It can be triggered by certain medication and exercises. Type 2 shows its real face when obesity strikes and this obesity is taken care by consuming high input of calorie gaining food and these sugary items contain high calories.

To maintain proper bodily function diet must be checked. Avoiding the listed foods will help you to conquer diabetes:

White rice- The staple food of India. It’s really hard to satisfy your tummy without devouring it. But its high carb content will soar up the glycemic index. It’s no good to you as it has low fiber and protein content. Brown rice will help you to satiate your hunger.

  • White flour –

A thumbs down to this and any delicious dish made out of this. White pieces of bread are also not a good option to opt for. On way round, whole grained bread is preferred. Oatmeal will be a good choice indeed.

  • White pasta-

A palatable dish only to gasp at, as it will cause catastrophic damage to your system. Pasta made out from beans and lentils is worth a try.

  • Blended Coffee-

You have to offend barista for not signing up for coffee. Cappuccino will be nothing more than just a word. Chunks of carbohydrates and fats are added to make your drink desirable.

  • French fries/deep-fried foods-

The irresistible sauteed junk foods are has high attracting properties. So, it recommended not to devote yourself into that lump of carbohydrates. It increases the chance of Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Honey-

It will be very unhealthy to think about replacement of sugar by honey. These natural sugars too put on calories. They spike up blood sugar level as other carbohydrate content food.

  • Dried fruits-

Though a healthy source but an unpleasant combination for diabetes. The carbohydrate and sugar content really saddens a diabetic individual. However, intake of berries can be treated well mannerly.

  • Pies/ Cakes/ Cookies/Pastries/Candy-

Again a rivalry approach. These scrumptious deserts are hard to ignore but avoiding these will prevent your glucose level from spiking up. Our taste buds adore these deserts stuffed with sugar while increasing our system’s glucose level.

  • Fruits/ Vegetables-

Feast on them. Fresh veggies, unsalted, steamed or slightly grilled is preferable. Keep a note. Potatoes and corns contain high carbohydrate count. Fruits containing fiber, vitamins, minerals are highly recommended. Avoiding bananas, melons, peaches will help to maintain the level.

  • Fruit juices/Soda-

Do you think these are innocent? No. These beverages have a lethal effect on those with diabetes. A root cause of increasing waistlines.

  • Skim Milk –

It is fat-free, not carbohydrate-free. So it is too a potential candidate to soar up your glucose level.

  • Alcohol-

Boozing is fine till a certain amount. Must be consumed sparingly. It lowers the blood glucose level. At most a glass for women and two for men per day. Remember, it might have a reverse effect on ongoing diabetic medication.

The diet plan of a diabetic is all about cutting down a calorie which comes from various sources.
Following this will prevent you from heart disease as well as maintaining the blood glucose level. Be healthy and stay fit.

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