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Beauty Secrets Every Girl Should Know

As a girl, we always looking for tips and tricks to be more beautiful. We keep searching on youTube and scrolling down thousands of videos. But the actual beauty secrets every girl should know. One thing you must keep it in mind that every tips and trick are not for everyone. We all have a different shape of an eye and face, different color of skin and lips. Just because your best friend is using that foundation, you also have to use it.

Ultimately, it depends on you, what you choose for yourself. So, choose wisely, not rapidly. Every girl wants flawless beautiful skin and perfect makeup. But do we really end up getting those right things for us?  Do not go for heavy make-up and too many products. Know your skin type and choose wisely.

So, start with the basics, here are some beauty secrets every girl should know

     1. Stop covering your dark circles all the time:

Girls! it’s OK to have dark circles, you do not need to hide it every time you go out. Many girls have dark patches under their eyes by born. So, this is not a problem you should worry about.

But whenever you are using any concealer, it is highly recommended to use the best one. Choosing the right concealer according to someone’s skin type is a tough job. And of course, concealer mistakes are common among we girls.

      2. Always and always use a sunscreen:

According to Dr. Harold Lancer, who is an LA-based dermatologist of Kim Kardashian, we must use SPF 30 sunscreen daily. It will help you to protect your skin from sun damage, dangerous UV-ray, pimples, and dark spots.

There is various kind of sunscreen in the world with different SPF power. According to fair or dark skin, oily or dry skin we have to choose differently. So, can you skip sunscreen sometimes? The answer is ‘never’. This is one of the important things that every girl should know.

      3. Never wear make-up to the gym:

We, girls, cannot resist ourselves from taking a selfie in the gym. But keep it in mind that, there is nothing worse than makeup and sweat is mixing up on our face. You can call it a crime to your face, as it cannot even breath properly at that particular time.

Just apply a little bit of moisturizer and a light lip balm. But it is necessary to adjust the moisturizer, lip balm with your skin.

       4. Try to use a clay face mask:

Clay masks are very effective, especially to boost up your skin. If you have oily skin, a clay mask will work for you as a miracle. It helps to remove dirt and excess oil from your face and keep the skin pimple free.

According to your skin, you should choose the mask. You can get the best clay face mask from Nykaa and Amazon. French Green Clay and Bentonite Clay have the best properties for oily skin type. In general clay mask works for all skin types. This is actually a beauty secret that every girl should know.

       5. Never ever go to bed with makeup on:

It is a big mistake most of the teenage girl does. Whatever you have on your face sunscreen or just a moisturizer, never ever go to bed with that. When we are sleeping our skin too takes rest and rejuvenate itself.

But if you cover your face with makeup your skin pores will be clogged and it will be easier for the pimples to come out. Make sure you washed your face properly or you can use a makeup remover. You can use Garnier or Makeup Eraser Original Pink from Amazon.

       6. Avoid touching your own face as much as possible:

We have millions of bacteria in our hand 24X7, even we wash it a hundred times a day. As much as we touch our face those bacteria stick to our skin and give birth to lots of skin problems.

Many girls have a bad habit of touching their faces constantly, without any reason. Stop doing that.

       7. Do not take bath with too hot water:

Lukewarm water will be best for your skin and hair too. Too much hot water can damage the natural beauty of hair. Skin cannot bear too hot water.

We know that everyone loves to have a bath with hot water, after a long day’s journey and work. But if you love your skin, you should avoid it. It makes your skin dry.

        8. Try Skin fasting

Skin fasting is nothing, you just have to let your face be free from all chemical products just fora one night. Skin fasting gives your skin time to breathe and rejuvenate.

For that particular one night do not use even a moisturizer, and try to keep the face clean. It is one of the top beauty secrets every girl should know.

        9. Choose the right product for your beautiful skin:

Don’t let others fool you while choosing a product for your beautiful skin. Whether you are choosing cleanser, moisturizer or anything, try it first, see that is it really suitable for your skin or not?

Know your skin type, this will help you to choose the correct product for you. Slowly you will be familiar with those products, which work better for your skin.

          10.  Always moisturize your skin:

Moisturizer is known to be the food of skin. Much the moisturizer, more healthy your skin will be. Keeping your skin moisturized, means it looks healthy. Otherwise, it will look dull and lifeless.

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