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Deepika Padukone’s Beauty Tips, Fitness Secrets


You know her, right? She is an ultimate fashion diva and an international public figure! Who is she? Well, she is Deepika Padukone. In her thirties, she never ceases to amaze the world with her perfect, model-like body and good looks! How does she do it? Well, she has a unique fitness and beauty regimen which will be revealed here. Read further if you want to learn more about her skincare secrets and hair care secrets!

How can I get beautiful like Deepika Padukone?- its a very obvious question, when somebody sees Deepika and her charm. In this article, I am going to share some of her beauty secrets, you will surely love them.

What are Her Skin Care Secrets?

How does she get that perfect, smooth, supple, and sexy skin that never seems to age? Indeed, Deepika Padukone seems to defy the laws of aging that apply to the rest of us in terms of skin and hair. So what are her skincare secrets?

Well, she remembers the truth that fitness and beauty experts and nutritionists have long known: the skin is mostly water. Therefore, hydrating throughout the day every day is a must for soft, youthful-looking, sexy, and supple skin.

Water helps support skin health by keeping skin cells healthier and by encouraging them to produce the one nutrient that keeps skin healthier and younger for longer: collagen.

But Deepika’s skincare secrets don’t end there. She is guided by a  beauty coach who has constantly informed her (from the time she entered into the entertainment world) that internal moisture by itself is not enough to give skin that firm, sexy, and youthful look and glow.

It needs help in the form of lotions that are specifically designed to deliver intense hydration and moisture to the skin. These lotions must also protect the skin. She, therefore, uses a special moisturizer with SPF. The SPF factor is vital because this is known to protect the skin from the Sun’s harmful UV rays. The radiation from the U.V. rays is what damages and ages skin.

They say that ‘makeup brings out the natural beauty and essence in a woman!’ Well, that may be so, but foundations and powders also have many ingredients that can seep deep into the pores of the skin. They can also penetrate skin cells.

Here are some top secrets:

These ingredients have many chemicals that are designed to bring out a woman’s natural beauty with unique coloring, highlighting, and contrasts (among other things). However, they can also cause blemishes and breakouts which can damage and even age the skin. Deepika remembers the age-old adage of removing any makeup after her shoots are over. She also only wears makeup when it is absolutely necessary.

Facials work wonders when done regularly. They cleanse the skin at the cellular level. This keeps the skin cells clean and healthier for longer. Additionally, all facials contain a steaming and sloughing session. The steaming session opens the skin’s pores and allows dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells to be washed away easily and quickly.

The sloughing session consists of scraping the skin with a metal instrument for a long period of time. While it sounds intense and it seems like something that would irritate the skin, it does the exact opposite. It removes the dead skin cells that clog pores and make skin look dull and lifeless. It also invigorates skin cells and stimulates the immediate production of healthy skin cells.

But Deepika’s skincare secrets don’t end there. She knows that regular skin facials are not very effective if they are not followed up with a regular skin cleansing regime. Therefore, she regularly cleanses her skin with a cleaner that is strong enough to remove dirt, makeup, dead skin cells, and other impurities from her skin but is gentle enough to not irritate it.

She uses natural skin cleansers to accomplish this. Her daily cleansing regime is followed up with a regular loofah scrubbing. This gets rid of dead and old skin cells, cleanse the skin, and stimulates the immediate and rapid production of new skin cells. She also uses a toner to keep her skin clean and healthy at all times.

Deepika Padukone’s Hair Care Secrets:

Sexy hair defines a woman. Indeed, every woman associates sexy hair with youth and longs for shiny, strong, thick, soft, and bouncy hair. However, none of this is possible without knowing certain hair care secrets. Deepika knows these secrets and this is the reason why she has amazing hair. Part of her unique skincare regimen is to intensively and constantly pamper her hair. This is further explained below.


She religiously intensely massages coconut oil into her hair as part of her weekly hair care regimen. The massaging sloughs dead skin cells off of her scalp and stimulates the production of new ones. This alone is enough to encourage the growth of healthy new hair shafts and follicles that are capable of growing strands of hair that are healthy, strong, and young.

But coconut oil can do far more than this. It delivers intense moisture to the scalp and hair. This keeps both healthier and moist. A scalp that is healthy and most will quickly and easily grow healthy new hair. Additionally, the minerals and vitamins in coconut oil thoroughly nourish existing hair. This improves its health and discourages it from falling out quickly.

Deepika is a Fitness Freak:

People love Bollywood actresses largely for their pencil-thin Barbie doll-like bodies. These women seem to have it all in terms of figure. It seems as though the average woman (who envies these actresses and pines to have their bodies) just can’t get that figure or body. But this is far from true. A woman who follows Deepika’s fitness regimen is guaranteed to get her great body as well.

Deepika has a personal fitness trainer who works with her to help her keep the perfect body that she has developed over the years as an actress. However, most women can’t afford this. They can rest assured that they can get Deepika’s amazing body if they exercise regularly.

Lifting weights and running are essential in terms of developing and keeping the perfect figure. This is because weight lifting develops the muscles that burn fat and calories in excess. Running also melts away calories and fat. It helps keep the heart healthy and it tones the body.

Weight lifting also tones the body because muscle is leaner and more shapely on the body than fat is. Deepika knows that and she lifts weights and runs on a daily basis. This is part of her secret to gaining and keeping that ideal body that makes her the envy of women all over the world.

There is no Secret to Deepika’s Beauty or Figure:

 Deepika does not have super health. She is human and uses techniques that have been ‘tried, tested, and proven’ in terms of developing the perfect hair, skin, and body that has been associated with beauty since the beginning of time. Since any woman can use these techniques, any woman technically can gain Deepika’s figure and beauty!

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