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Ingredients of Cosmetic Products that you must avoid

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In this age of waterproof lipsticks, foundations, eyeliner you might have thought of involving in makeup. Cosmetic products like a primer to highlighter ending off with a perfect mix of so many harmful cosmetic products, chemicals, colors. But not every cosmetic contains harmful chemicals, you have to choose it wisely.

Makeup and Cosmetic Products is every woman’s close companion. But some toxic and harmful ingredients are hidden in many of your favorite make-up products. We are constantly using them without knowing their harmful sides. They not only harm your skin but also play a role in your health negatively in more ways than one.

So, it is very important to use Cosmetic Products judiciously. Here are some harmful chemical components that you should avoid while choosing the ingredients’ list of a beauty product before picking it up.

The adults these days use more or less nine skin and hair care products every day. If I say about my own beauty routine on a regular basis, I use various kind of makeup products daily. In shower time I love to use body wash, exfoliator, shampoo, face wash, and conditioner. Cleanser, moisturizer, and toner are the basic things I use regularly.

When I am out of my home, the lotions, moisturizer creams, sunscreen, perfumes, different hair products like serum, and makeup come into play. Even I get confused when I am choosing lip color. Because I can’t go for one lip color. I like to mix some different color to get the perfect shade for me.

Here are 6 ingredients and their harmful sides:

  • Parabens:  The endocrine (hormone secretory gland) disruptors which can mimic the female sex hormone, estrogen. They lead to hormonal imbalance.  These chemicals are commonly found in shampoos, conditioners, lotions, facial/shower cleansers.
  •  Dibutyl phthalates:  These chemical components interlude with the existing chemicals in the body when absorbed through the skin. This increases the risk of genetic mutations. Eye shadows, blushes, color cosmetics,  nail polish, fragranced lotions, hair care products, etc contains Dibutyl Phthalates
  • Toluene:  This is a petrochemical solvent. That can be very toxic to the immune system. It is commonly found in nail polish and hair dyes.
  • Talc: Inhalation of talc powder can cause respiratory disorders as it gets clogged up in airways. Talc particles can mix into our bloodstream. It can affect by lodged in the lining of the ovaries too.  This may increase the risk of ovarian cancer. It is commonly found in baby powders, eye shadows, foundations.
  • Lead and mercury: These type of metals can be accumulated in your body, they may raise the risk of cancer. They are commonly found in lip products, concealers, eyeliners.
  • Polyethylene Glycols (PEG):  PEGs can cause irritation when used on damaged skin. Excessive exposure to PEGs may result in damage to the nervous system. PEGs are commonly found in shampoos, conditioners.
  • Triclosan: Triclosan is an antibacterial agent found in toothpaste, shaving products, anti-bacterial soaps, detergents, etc. It actually uses to preserve makeup, that gives protection against bacteria. But it somehow acts as endocrine disruptors.

Harmful cosmetic ingredients to Avoid When Pregnant:

It often takes the responsibility of growing another life for us to take a serious look at our personal care products.

There are some harmful chemicals hiding in our Cosmetic Products kits, sunscreen cream, skincare moisturizer products in our market. These risks are double when it comes to a pregnant woman. Because it is associate another life inside the woman. So, we have to take serious attention to our personal skin products.

EWG (Environmental Working Group) suggests that pregnant women try to minimize their exposure to all harmful ingredients. They are suggested to avoid those makeups which are associated with bad effects of health. Especially those endocrine disruptors are very dangerous. Endocrine disruptors can interfere with the body’s normal hormone functions. These chemicals potentially affect the development of the unborn child. Luckily, there are so many new brands out there making. They are offering non-toxic cosmetics. Use more of them.

The European Union has banned artificial colors and harmful things in their food and harmful chemicals in body care products. Then swap out that body washes for natural body care products, which don’t contain artificial colors or dyes, instead.

From shampoo and conditioner to lotions, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serums. We are using them constantly by dabbing, brushing and massaging our face and body with various kinds of beauty products. With virtually no real regulations regarding the health of these harmful cosmetic products.

Many people are aware nowadays of using potentially harmful ingredients, especially in the deodorant, hair sprays. Studies are inconclusive when it comes to the long-term effects of chemicals. But many health professionals advise that it is safe using caution when it comes to your beauty routine.


The minimum age of women using makeup is 14, which considerably decreasing day by day. For a complete makeup, it takes at least 10 products to finish up. Most of us spend approx 1-2 hrs of doing makeup regularly. Which is enough to harm our skin in the wrong way.

So, try to minimize your makeup products on a regular basis. Just use a few products to carry a fresh look.

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