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How to boost your fertility by foods- For Male, Female and in PCOS

Fertility in both the gender is a hot topic and people used to believe in a myth that fertility foods can make them fertile. Exactly that is the question on which we want an answer. Are you curious to know if fertility foods can do the work? Let’s find it now.

Although people used to believe that there are some fertility foods that can do the right thing. Yes, the myth is true to an extent. How?

Here comes the part of your diet, if you keep an eye on your diet it can be helpful. However, unhealthy food elements can harm your body. Although studies have found that your weight has a great impact on your fertility. You need to ensure your proper diet don’t be underweight nor overweight.

Is it possible that some fertility-boosting foods can cure your fertility?

Ans- No, It’s never ever possible. Hence, you shouldn’t disregard the point of fertility-boosting foods.

Reasons why you shouldn’t be solely relying on fertility-boosting foods?


  1. i) There are many of the nutrients working in our reproductive system. One of the sole sources to get those nutrients is to include them in your diet.


  1. ii) Having nutrient-rich foods on our plate is far way better than that of concentrated supplements. However, doctors recommend having a folic acid supplement. It enhances the chances of conceiving.


1. iii) Apart from that, there are many of the superfoods that are enriched with nutrients. These nutrients enhance our fertility. Now, this is a big reason to add superfood in our diet.


  1. iv) However, there is much of the research that has linked superfoods with the productive system.


To conclude it all we can say that a good diet leads us to good health. When you have good health, you can have your fertility protected.


Note- If you are having burgers and pizzas on a daily basis and adding green tea to cut the loss done by those junkies then don’t hope for good.


Furthermore, if you concentrate to have nutrients rich foods which are superfoods then you can protect your fertility or even improve it.

If healthy foods can bring happiness to your cute little bed then why not?

This post going to be focused on both male and female fertility-boosting foods and who have PCOS. So if you want the proper information about them, keep the following:

Fertility boosting foods for male :

1- Dark chocolate:

One of the thing that we all love to eat which is dark chocolate. This delicious food contains arginine, an amino acid that helps to enhance sperm count and work on its quality as well.

2- Green Leafy vegetables:

Folate, also known as vitamin B can be found in spinach, romaine lettuce, brussels sprouts, and asparagus. These are the fertility boosting foods for a male that helps in the production of strong and healthy sperm.

3- Pomegranate juice:

This drink not only helps to improve testosterone but also helps to boost immunity. The antioxidants present in pomegranate juice helps to enhance the testosterone level. It is among the best immunity boosting foods.

4- Water:

One of the important things in our life that we forget is to hydrate ourselves from time to time. It doesn’t just work to flush out the waste but helps to produce semen as well. So make sure you keep yourself hydrated.

Now, that you are searching for the information about superfoods for female fertility. Here is the in-depth coverage.


Fertility boosting foods for female :

1- Eggs:

In order to boost fertility women get panicked. As when they can’t get to conceive they have to take up all the rubbish things coming in their way. Make sure you avoid them and start working on his system. To supercharge your reproductive system is to start having eggs. As you know, eggs are enriched with protein which helps to enhance your fertility.

Not only this but eggs are rich in choline and certain studies have proved that this element can give you a positive result. Start including eggs in your daily plate. You can have them as boiled, or maybe bake them with half of the avocado.

2- Pomegranate:

One of the other Fertility boosting foods for a female is pomegranate. Enriched with antioxidants along with plenty of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, etc. Pomegranate will provide you with good results.

Well, it’s a tasty fruit. You can include them by topping with greek yogurt or onto your oatmeal.

3- Sweet Potatoes:

Want some other sweet dishes? Here is your destination. Sweet Potatoes which are enriched with carotene that works on your reproductive system and produce the hormone progesterone.

You can try them by replacing bread. You can have them in the form of porridge. Or even you can try them with just sugar as well.

4- Avocado:

Well coming to the greek king of fruits which avocado. It has a great tendency to leverage your fertility. They are the home to vitamin E which directly impacts the lining of your uterus.

Not only this but they provide you the best healthy fats. Also, they are full of folate, potassium, and vitamin K which makes it easy to take in other of the vitamins.


Now, for the females who struggle with their PCOS and want to get pregnant. Here is the information that you need.


Fertility boosting foods for PCOS:

PCOS does stand for polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a common disease spread among the women who are into their reproductive stage of life. Commonly, this is the disease which is caused due to hormonal imbalance. More specifically caused due to an increased level of androgen which is certainly a male hormone.

Some of the symptoms of PCOS are irregular menstrual cycle, excessive fats, and hair on your body. Other symptoms include pelvic pain along with heavy bleeding and most certainly you face any kind of difficulty while getting pregnant. PCOS might affect your fertility but you have to keep the faith.

There are many fertility-boosting foods for PCOS to keep you on a positive side. Here are the points you need to keep in mind.

1-Stick to low Glycemic index food:

Stop saying yes to high glycemic foods, as a high amount of glycemic can work up your insulin levels. Further, it is very important to avoid weight gain and diseases like type-2 diabetes. To avoid them stick to low glycemic foods.

2- Foods that you should focus on:

Here are some of the fertility boosting foods for PCOS that you need to include in your diet.

1- Soy milk, which is enriched in proteins

2-Oatmeal, enriched with nutrients and calcium

3-Legumes, boost fertility with folate

4-Low-fat yogurt brings up your fertility with low fat along with providing calcium

5-Carrot juice helps to increase the production of blood, which also increase its circulation to affect on the appropriate area of your body

6-Whole grain cereals provide vitamin C and vitamin K along with Omega 3.


3- Say yes to anti-inflammatory foods:

If you hit on your insulin, you will end up gaining weight which is a big no when you are wanting to get pregnant. To avoid tiredness and weakness focus on anti-inflammatory foods that work to decrease insulin levels.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods that you should include in your diet.


Green tea


Beans and lentils

Dark chocolate




Extra virgin Olive Oil

Along with these points make sure to eat something frequently as you don’t want to run into starvation. Starvation leads to failing all the attempts that you were doing since now.

So these were some of the points to keep in mind you want to work up your fertility with fertility-boosting foods. So now that you know how yo boost your fertility by foods start inculcating them into your routine from now on.


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