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How to do make like a pro – Step by Step guide

Every girl or woman is conscious of her looks. She always wants to look attractive and beautiful. Taking care of our skin comes in the topmost priority of our list. Even if you are going to do makeup in summer then make sure to use the best makeup products for summer.

Because natural beauty is what keeps you attractive and beautiful.

When you take good care of your skin you don’t even need makeup on.

Although, very few know the technique of how to do makeup like a pro. Obviously pro does it better than anybody else. Now you must be getting the idea that makeup is not everyone’s cup of tea. Be ready, because after going through this post you are going to be one of a kind of pro makeup artist.

To teach you the actual easy ways of making, we are here with this post. Following which you are going to be a pro makeup artist. So keep following the steps.


Step 1- Moisturizer or Primer:

The first thing comes in doing make like a pro is moisturize your face. As your skin should be hydrated for a long time. You can use any moisturizing cream or even a shot of aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera is fully enriched with the essentials vitamins that your skin needs. It helps to keep your skin hydrated for a long time and works as an all-rounder for your skin.


Recommendations– You can use the primer from M.A.C. If you are going with moisturizer then choose it oil-free which is available in the Nivea range.

Step 2- Foundation:

If you are really confused as how to do makeup like a pro then you need to have the waterproof foundations in your bag.

Now what waterproof makeup does is that they help to sit on your skin even after rain.

So you need to apply and blend the foundation so that it can give you an even-toned look.

Note– while applying foundation don’t rub it on your face but apply it using dab motion.

Recommendations– You can pick the foundation from Maybelline New York as they come for every kind of skin tone. Hence they don’t feel sticky on your face.

Step 3- Hide your blemishes with concealer:

You know that your flaws make you different from others. Although if you want to have them hide under make then make sure to use concealer. If you are worried about your dark circles then hide them with easy ways of makeup which is concealer. Make sure to apply the concealer in a triangular shape under your eyes.

Making triangle shape with concealer and blend it makes your skin give natural look. Not only this but they also catch attention as well.

Note– make sure to blend it skillfully with the blender.

Recommendations– You can choose concealer from Maybelline or maybe L’Oreal. As they are budget-friendly and waterproof along providing sun protection as well.

Step 4- Shine high with Blush:


  1. i) Highlight and contour

These both are a quick and easy process. Also, these two process helps to enhance your make-up beauty. Now you are not naive how to do makeup as you have come so far in this lesson.

Apply the highlighter using an angled brush. Make sure to apply on the areas like cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bow and don’t forget to apply it on your nose.

Recommendation- You can use the highlight and contour palette from Swiss beauty or Hillary Rhoda.


  1. ii) Blush:

Now comes the part which every girl likes to do which is blush. This is a crucial part of makeup as you need to apply to the appropriate area. So blow some air in your mouth and hold them. You will get hold of the apples of your cheeks. Now you can apply the blush between the contour and highlighter.

Recommendation– You can use the blush palette from Miss Claire or even choose to stick with Nudes. As these are the products come with extra coverage and long-lasting effects.

Step 5- Talk with your eyes:


  1. i) Brows:

Where many of the makeup experts love to do this at the beginning of the makeup stage. Although I like to do it after I have got free from all the perfection of the face. Use the eye pencil or use the alternative which is an angled brush and take brown eyeshadow on it to fill your brows.

Recommendation– You can use the brow pencil from M.A.C or use the eyeshades palette from Swiss Beauty.


  1. ii) Eyeshades:

Now coming to the part of eye-shadows. As your eyes should be the center of attraction on your face. So paint your canvas to attract more audience.

So make sure to use the angled brush at the end of the lid then apply the transition color with a regular brush. Now fill the crease with a blender.

Recommendation– You can use the waterproof eyeshades by Hillary Rhoda or Nudes.


        1. iii) Mascara:

Now you are going to add more dimension to your eyes with the mascara. So apply it with a tipped pencil on your waterline. Make sure to use the stiff and angled brush for your lids.

Note– if you are not confident about applying mascara then make sure to put a tissue under your eyes so that you don’t ruin your face makeup.

Recommendation– For getting the perfect winged eye. Then make sure to use mascara from Maybelline which is waterproof. Or you can also use the Mascara from M.A.C as they are ready to go kind of products.


You can explore the creativity inside you with eyeshadow. And once you are all set to learn how to do makeup, make sure to take good care of the skin. While you will be worried about your skin as it doesn’t feel that good to you. So make sure to have these best makeup products for summer to get you on the road when you can’t afford time on the full make.

So this was the post on how to do makeup like a pro make sure to follow all the steps. It will surely help you.

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