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How to Lower High Blood Pressure

One of the riskiest diseases that one could have is high blood pressure. It generally has no symptoms as such but there are some simple signs when you must check on it regularly. Those who have diagnosed with high blood pressure has a big question in their mind that how to lower high blood pressure? They might have thought about going for huge medication. But let me tell you that it can be lower on your own.

Almost 1 billion people worldwide are suffering from high BP, every 1 out of 3 people in the USA are suffering from this silent killer disease. You cannot feel it easily that you have it. The normal range of blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg.

There are simple signs when you should go to a doctor and check:

  1. Hypertension is a major sign of high BP.
  2. Irregular heartbeat.
  3. You got easily tired of doing nothing as such.
  4. Chest pain is one of the signs of high blood pressure, as it badly affects the heart.
  5. Severe headache.
  6. Blood in urine, if you have too high BP.
  7. Difficulty in breathing.

So, here are some easy remedies by which you can easily lower your high BP.

a) Do exercise more and more:

Keep moving is one of the best and ultimate solutions to this disease. In many studies, it has been shown that exercise gives a great result in high BP patients. If you do exercise regularly, your breathing problem and chest pain will automatically reduce.

The main reason for this disease is fat in the blood that means cholesterol. To control obesity or fat we must-do exercise. So, there is no other way than exercise to lose weight and lower high BP.

b) Walk more and more:

Walking is the best substitute for exercise. Nowadays most of the doctors are recommending to walk more and more. Try to use the stairs instead of the lift. Morning walks or walks after dinner is a great way to stay fit and lower the risk of blood pressure.

If you continue to walk regularly and make it a habit, you will definitely see differences.

c) Cut down sugar and refined carbohydrates:

Sugars are known as ‘white poison’. Not only in the case of High BP, but any kind of disease can also be invited by sugar intake regularly. Cutting down sugar and refined carbohydrates can bring a major change in your life. Lowering the weight is equals to lowering the blood pressure as well.

d) Stop smoking:

Every time you smoke a cigarette, your BP automatically increases. Quitting smoking can bring back your pressure to normal. Thus your risk of heart diseases will low.

e) Stop drinking alcohol:

If you take alcohol regularly, you must stop it immediately. Almost 16% of high blood pressure cases are directly linked with alcohol. Though sometimes it can be considered but not on a regular basis. Although red wine is known as good for the heart. So, you can have red wine once a week.

f) Follow a healthy diet:

For a high BP patient, it is must follow a healthy diet. From breakfast to dinner a diet chart should be maintained regularly. Fried, junks, and sweets are highly avoidable foods. Whole grains, fruits, low-fat, green vegetables should be included in the diet.

So, if you are worried about how to lower high blood pressure? A healthy diet and exercise are the answers.

g) Reduce sodium intake:

One must control salt intake if he/she has high blood pressure. High intake of sodium present in salt increases the level of blood pressure. Reducing sodium intake will bring a huge difference in your pressure.

h) Do not take stress:

Many studies have been shown many times that chronic stress affects BP badly. Try to take less stress, keep yourself free. Take some time and think about the reason for your stress, then try to solve it out. Stress can be any kind of such as illness, financial or any family problem. Try to reduce as much as you can.

i) Keep a blood pressure monitor at home:

Keep on checking is the main part of this disease. You will never get to know when your blood pressure got too high or too low. So, keep on checking is a great step to control your BP. We cannot go to the clinic every time to check, so it is better to have a blood pressure monitor at home.

Any good quality of BP monitor can be used to detect high BP.

k) Eat potassium-rich foods:

Potassium-rich food such as banana, green vegetables, yogurt, nuts, orange, milk, avocado, etc. Potassium has a  great role in lowering blood pressure. It eases the pressure on blood vessels.

So, I hope you got your answer of How to lower High Blood Pressure at home?

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