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How To Treat Blackheads Permanently

One of the most annoying things one could have on their face is blackheads, right? So, what is a blackhead? A black, small and stubborn lesion, that appears on the skin is known as blackheads. After reacting with oxygen dead cells of open pores, it turns it to brown and then black. Blackheads are another form of acne. Its quite easy,  but do you really know how to get rid of blackheads?

Here in this article, we will discuss each and every detail of it, that how to get rid of blackheads?

When skin pores get clogged by dirt, whiteheads appear and slowly by the time it turns in to blackheads. But all it starts with pimple and not taking proper care of the skin. You can pop it up, but this is not a proper solution, right? We just need a permanent solution.

So, here are some causes of blackheads?

  1. Not cleaning the skin properly.
  2. Too much exposure to the sun, without using sunscreen.
  3.  Hormonal imbalance, related menstruation or pregnancy.
  4. Chemicals or makeup can cause pimples and blackheads.
  5. Too much sweating and not cleaning properly.
  6. High humidity can cause pimples and thus blackheads.
  7. Steroid based medicines can cause acne.

Some solutions to get rid of blackheads:

a) Wash your face daily:

Washing face twice or thrice should be normal and necessary. Especially after doing exercise we must clean up all the sweats and specks of dirt from our face. Otherwise, it will clog the skin pores and slowly becomes acne and blackheads. You should include these things on your daily routine:

  • Use a good cleanser.
  • A good toner.
  • Suitable moisturizer.

b) Use oil-free cosmetics:

Pimples and acne are mostly seen in oily skin types. Because of excessive oil, dirt or pollute got stuck to the skin very easily. If not properly cleared, it will remain inside the pores and with sebum and produce more and more pimples. To avoid having blackheads we must cure it at the first stage, i.e pimple.

Cosmetics mainly, moisturizers and sunscreens are regular companions. These should be totally oil-free. Otherwise, our skin will more prone to have pimples and thus blackheads.

c) Don’t forget to use exfoliator:

If your skin is acne-prone and facing lots of blackheads, then you must exfoliate your skin at least once a week. A good exfoliator is very important. Try to use fruit-based exfoliators such as sugar or walnut shells as are good exfoliator.

You can try salicylic acid scrub. It has been proven that beta hydroxy acid helps remove excess oil and exfoliate the skin cells and let the new cell to grow. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids are oil soluble and clean the skin pores.

d) Use pore strips sometimes:

Using pore strips like a band-aid can reduce blackheads to an extent. It removes the dead cells and dirt. But whenever you use pore stripes be gentle and careful every time. If you forcefully pull out the stripes some of that clogged dirt will remain inside. So, be careful. But do not use stripes too much, it can hurt your skin. There should be a time limit like monthly once.

e) Use a charcoal face mask:

Charcoal is well known for pulling out dirt, impurities and excess oil from the skin. Using a charcoal face mask will definitely give u rid of blackheads. Try to use it once in a week, because too much use of it has side effects too.

f) Never ever sleep with your make-up:

Along with non-oily make-ups, you must keep it in mind that you never go to sleep with make-ups. Always remove all the face and eye make-ups. Use a good quality of make-up removal, which is very necessary.

Some facts about blackheads:

  • Blackheads are nothing but it made of oxidized melanin and some dirt.
  • Squeezing or popping those blackheads can make them worse.
  • To reduce blackhead humid environments, avoid oil-based skin care products.


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