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Most beautiful Indian Women Attires You’d love to wear in any occasion

India, a country full of traditions and customs. India is a diverse country in every way. Different kind of people with different languages, religion has stayed here together. Every people from different states carry their own style of clothing. Clothing in India is not just a fashion, it’s their identity. Indian Women Attires are one of such beauty of India.

There are many beautiful ethnic wears of Indian women. From sarees to ghagra choli each wears makes a woman elegant and beautiful. Western cultures are adopted by Indians, but for festivals like; Puja, Holi, Diwali, still there is no such dress, which can value a woman than Indian attires. Apart from saree and salwar, Indian women own their own style jewelry and makeup such as Bindi. The clothes became a symbol of what they stood for.

  1. Saree:

A saree is a women’s garments from the Indian subcontinent. Saree is the symbol of grace in culture. It is used to wrap around the waist, with blouse and petticoat. It is usually yard in length. There are different kinds of sarees like Tant, silk, dhakai jamdani, Kanchipuram, banarasi, Mysore silk, etc. There are different types of blouses according to the neck style back style.

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Above all, the stunning smooth muslin cloths from Bengal was the exact textile that got me hooked on online shopping. In August last year, union Textiles minister Smriti Irani started the “I wear handloom” campaign on Twitter to promote India’s textile industry and the thousands of weavers in the country.


 2. Salwar Kameez:

Salwar kameez is worn by men and women, there are different styles according to gender. In addition, a wedding season or funeral, there are different styles of salwar. Punjabi women wear it. This suit has a kameez means kurta, a salwar means trouser like pants with a scarf or dupatta.

Similarly, from a wedding or any function from sarees to salwar kameez, there is everything for the bridesmaids, there is an ensemble for every lady.


3. Lehenga:

Lehenga is mostly for in wedding season. It is a form of a long skirt with different designs and different color. It is worn with a blouse like a top and a big dupatta. From the bride to every woman of any ages can wear this ethnic dress. The lehenga style saree is a trend nowadays. Its looks like saree, actually it is a lehenga.

Crop tops with butterfly lehenga first infiltrated fashion in a big way a few years ago and haven’t left since. Nowadays the belly-baring style has been spotted on everyone, including fashionable celebrities, such as actors Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif, among many others, whether at the airport on the red carpet.



  4. Ghagra choli:

Ghagra choli is the most famous traditional dress in India. It looks like lehenga’s simple version. The upper portion is blouse-like top and the lower portion is like a long skirt. Mostly Rajasthani and  Gujarati women are fond of this traditional dress. In Indian Women, attires list ghagra choli took a demandable position.

  5. Puan:

Puan is a dress of Mizoram women. It wrapped from the waist to ankle tightly fold. Therefore, it is the most traditional dress of Mizo women.

Mizoram: The backstrap loom is one of the main sources of income for the women of Mizoram, especially women. ‘Puan’ which means cloth, is the traditional clothing of the native people of Mizoram and plays a special role in their life.

  6. Langa voni:

It is a culture of south Indian girls. A skirtlike dress, mostly worn by young girls. It is a two piece of saree or half saree. A choli or blouse is it’s the best combination.

  7. Phiran:

It is a custom of girls in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. It is an upper loose garment of wool or cotton. ‘Loch’ is a type of Phiran of wool.

  8. Anarkali salwar:

It is a type of long frock like salwar kameez. It is worn with pajamas and dupatta. In a wedding or any party-meets-fashionable wear, the salwar and kameez are replaced by short Kurtis and palazzo pants. Even the diva of Bollywood Deepika Padukone in ‘Piku’ have worn this type of salwar. However, on some occasions like birthday parties, wedding parties, the floor-grazing salwar kameez like ‘Anarkali’ are the main spotlight at almost every festive season and even on the red carpet. And the ‘dupatta’, what ‘dupatta’?


  9. Mekhela chador:

It is an indigenous tradition of Assam dress. The lower portion of this dress mekhla wrapped in the waist. A Bollywood female actor Madhurima Tuli worn an awesome mekhla chador (traditional Assamese wear).

  10. Innaphi and sarong:

It is a dress of Manipur. Women wore a sawl, innaphi and a stiff skirt is a sarong.


Above all these are different Indian Women Attires from different states. In other words, all together represents the Indian tradition.


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