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How to Manage Your Weight During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very beautiful phase of a women’s life. It is a phase for what a woman dreamed of after her marriage. Therefore, during pregnancy to gain some weight is very important. Maintain that weight is more important than to gain some weight. Because the amount of weight gain during pregnancy is most important for the baby’s physical condition and mother’s as well.

Therefore, a woman should maintain her weight during pregnancy. Generally, weight can be maintained by exercising and eating healthy food.


Here are some points that a woman must know during pregnancy:


Weight gain during pregnancy: 

During pregnancy weight gain is needed and obvious. During pregnancy, a woman gains weight, not in the starting month but the last stage of pregnancy means in the last months. A woman gains weight not only baby’s weight but also gains the weight of extra fluid in the body.

As the woman eats for two lives so the extra weight helps in the proper development of the baby and it also helps in breastfeeding after delivery of the baby. A woman must check her weight after some time in terms of the baby’s health.


Problems due to too little weight gain:

  • Too little amount of weight during pregnancy can decrease the energy level or metabolism of baby and mother as well.
  • If a woman acquires very little weight then it affects the health of the baby in terms of some diseases like premature delivery, hypothermia, and hypoglycemia.


Problems due to too much weight gain:

  • If a woman acquires too much weight then it may turn into some complications like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.
  • It may lead to the risk of metabolic syndrome.


How Much weight should you gain each trimester?

In the complete period of pregnancy there is a total of three trimesters, first is starting three months, second is another three months (six months in total), third in the last three months (nine months in total). Therefore, there is an average amount of weight that a woman should in each trimester for safe and secure delivery.

If a woman has that much amount of weight then she need not to panic. The woman should follow proper food chart to maintain the weight in each trimester. Weight should be gained according to the trimester. Because a quick weight gain and very little weight gain, harm normal and secure delivery.


Weight gain in the first trimester:

  • Weight gain depends on the BMI (body mass index) so in general 18.5 to 24.9 BMI is suggested to gain average weight during pregnancy.
  • The average amount of weight a woman gain during the first three months of her is delivery is approximately 1-4.5 pounds.
  • For twin babies, an average weight gain in the first trimester is 3-6 pounds.


Weight gain in the second trimester:

  • For the second trimester or 3 to 6 months, the average weight is 1-2 pounds per week.
  • For twin babies, an average weight gain in the second trimester is 20- 26 pounds.


Weight gain in the third trimester:

  • For the third trimester or 6 to 9 months, the average weight is should be at least 1-2 pounds per week.
  • An average weight gain in the third trimester with twin babies is almost 14-22 pounds.


Why do you gain weight during pregnancy?

For a woman, it is very needed to gain weight during her pregnancy. A Woman gains weight due to the development of baby, extra body substances like breasts, belly, legs, uterus, and extra water in the body. A woman eats for two so it is very natural to gain weight. Extra food consumption and less participation in physical activities are some causes of weight gain.


  • More calories: During pregnancy, a woman eats many types of healthy foods. As a result of cravings and mood swings, she eats too many calories that may lead to weight gain in an excessive manner.


  • Lack of sleep: Due to the lack of sleep, it changes some hormones that control cravings, and it increases belly weight.


  • Diabetes: The Increasing level of sugar or diabetes can increase weight during pregnancy. There must be a controlled sugar level of the body during pregnancy.


  • Toxemia: When a pregnant woman has high blood pressure, body swelling, and excessive protein in urine then it is known as toxemia. Toxaemia is also a reason for weight gain during pregnancy.


How can I control my weight during pregnancy?

A woman needs to manage her weight when she gains weight too rapidly because it may lead to some dangerous problems for the baby and mother as well. During pregnancy, it is recommended to avoid dieting and weight loss. For a woman, it is suggested to have healthy food which, helps in the proper development of an infant baby.


What to Eat:

  • A pregnant woman must eat healthy and fresh food. She must eat more vitamins and low- calorie food.
  • She should drink milk every day and some milky products like yogurt, cottage cheese.
  • A Woman should eat plenty amount of salt, sugar, salad, soups with lesser calories.
  • Low- fat food, baked, grilled, boiled foods are suggested for a pregnant woman.


What to Avoid:

  • Food with more fat and calories are strictly avoided for a pregnant woman.
  • Avoid more spices and junk food with oil, if a woman is pregnant.
  • Avoid the foods which are highly fried in oil and butter.


Do Exercise:

  • To reduce the calories, It is recommended to have balanced exercise with no equipment.
  • Yoga, asana, pranayama is very helpful for a pregnant woman.
  • Walking for half an hour helps in normal delivery.



  • A pregnant woman should meditate to live a stress- free life.


If you have too much weight:

Eat moderately and often:

  • If you have gained too much weight, start to eat moderately as an excessive amount of food will increase weight and tend to unsafe delivery.
  • Eat only healthy snacks and avoid spicy food.


Control your cravings:

  • During the pregnancy, if you can control your craving then it will maintain your weight.
  • While cravings you can eat some light food.


Control high blood pressure and sugar level:

  • As high blood pressure can change body hormones that may increase extra body tissues, so high pressure must be controlled.
  • A High sugar level should be avoided to control body weight.


If you have too little weight:

Eat more calories:

  • If you eat more and still not gaining enough weight, then you should eat more calories but in a limited manner otherwise, you have to face more weight problems.
  • Add some milk and milky products in your food plan.
  • Include healthy fat food that will help you in weight gain.


Drink more:

  • As we know that water helps in weight gaining and purifying the blood, so a pregnant woman must drink plenty of water and juices.
  • Drink soups and vegetable juices.


Maintain a healthy BMI

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) is an important factor during pregnancy. To maintain a healthy weight BMI should be maintained.
  • An average BMI is 18.5- 24.5.


A healthy pregnancy is when; you properly maintain your weight. To maintain it a woman should start her pregnancy at a maintained weight. You can also take some vitamins to maintain your weight during the complete pregnancy. A woman should consult with her doctor before taking any decision for health. To stay fit a woman should start exercising at an early time of pregnancy.

Meal planning must be there for a healthy and maintained weight. Eat healthy and light food and should be involved in lighter physical activities. A woman needs to control her cravings for unhealthy foods to gain a normal amount of weight. A woman must live a stress -free life and take a proper nap. If you want a normal delivery then you must drink plenty of water, fruit juices and coconut water. She must eat plenty of amount of protein and nutritious food.

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