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Why You should choose Medicinal Plants over Medicines

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Medicinal Plants are very useful. Nowadays our dependency towards medicine or drug increases drastically. We have a headache or cold we go for the painkillers first. Compulsive, repetitive uses of drug decreasing the ability of tolerance. It invites a different kind of unwanted diseases.

However, we are now very much addicted to medicine that we can’t think our day without any medicine. Although, medicines can cure a disease apparently not permanently. In the name of diseases, we are taking drugs. Health supplements are used as daily food. In addition, think beyond medicine now.

Why Choose Medicinal Plants?

In the ancient age, these medicinal herbs were the only remedy for any type of diseases. Plant synthesize thousands of different chemical compounds. However, it defense insects, bacteria. Many types of phytochemicals (chemicals synthesize by plant) and their biological activities are identified.

We have many medicinal plants surround us and they are very much effective. The regular use of those plants in the place of the drug for our treatment can save us from the bad effect of drugs, medicines. In a long term experiment of 200 times in 18 families.

After that, it is concluded that those who eat green vegetables are less prone to have cancer. And people addicted to fish, meat, etc are much more prone to cancer. In this world of adulteration, one should think about the alternative way. Here is some list of plants and their benefits.

  1. Cancer:

Carrot, spinach and sweet potato contain beta-carotene, which can absorb the toxicity of cancer cell. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which prevents cancer. Easting onion, garlic, grapes, apple on a regular basis can impede cancer. Soya bean contains 5 different types of chemicals to prevent cancer. Holy Basils, carrots, grasses, ginger are the key foods for cancer.


  1. Cold, cough and fever:

Ocimum tenuiflorum  are commonly famous as holy basils or Tulsi and adhatoda or vasak leaves are the main remedy for cough, cold and fever. Boil few leaves of vasak and tulsi together, add some honey and ginger.

In addition, take this mixture twice a day. Thus it will give an amazing result in cough and cold.


  1. Constipation:

Constipation is the reason of bad food habits like meat, high protein foods and less drinking of water, etc.

Dry in sun –Terminalia chebuka , the common name is haritaki, Amla, Bahera, Ajwain and Ficus leaf (peepul tree) together. Add some black salt, paste them into powder. Take this remedy one full teaspoon twice a day after meal with mild hot water. These medicinal plants will give a great result. Eat lots of veggies and fiber-containing foods.

  1. Diabetes:

Diabetes is the most common disease in the world.

Eat one slice of garlic with a meal every day for 2 months. It will give you a good result.

Although, you can drink fenugreek water every morning in empty stomach. Boil one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and leave it overnight. Drink the water in the morning will give you a great result.

Take a few leaves of Azadirachta indica (neem) and black pepper. For instance, eat them in the morning. It is a good remedy for diabetic patients.

  1. Anemia:

Anemia is the most common problem among women. For menstrual problem, women have to suffer from these kinds of diseases.

Drink the juice of Hygrophila spinosa (kulekhara plant) in every morning on empty stomach for 45 days. It will solve the problem of hemoglobin. Similarly, eat protein-containing foods and vitamins.

  1. Irregular period:

Take 2-3 buds of Chinese Hibiscus, boil them with sugar cane juice. Take the mixture in periods for 7 days. It will make your periods regular.

In conclusion,

Therefore, we can say that medicinal plants are the best to prevent any diseases. Above all, it keeps you healthy in all ways.

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