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The Truth Behind Sara Ali Khan’s Weight Loss Secrets

You know her, yeah we all know this beauty, she is Sara Ali Khan.  She is the daughter of one of the great Nawabs of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan. Sara is all set to take the acting industry by storm and she is already making great waves by doing so. But people are also talking about her sexy body. Since it seems to be ‘too good to be true,’ you may have wondered what her secrets are. Well, if you have, this article is for you because it discusses Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss secrets.

Let’s start the journey of 50 kgs from 96 kgs.

Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss secrets explained:

One of Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss secrets lies in her strict diet. Sara Ali Khan didn’t always have those toned abs, those scintillating curves, and that pencil-thin body. At one time, she was grossly obese. She managed to shed those pesky kilos partly by eating her way to skinniness.

Sara has always been aware of the old saying, “You are what you eat!” Keeping this in mind, she streamlined her diet plan to ensure that it excluded processed foods, fast food, and restaurant food (for the most part.) She remembered the fact that homemade food is healthier because it is lower in saturated fats, preservatives, calories, salts, and other ingredients that make people ‘pack on the kilos’ quickly.

She knows the basics of food.  Sara is well aware that foods that are rich in fiber work wonders for people who are trying to lose weight because they are filling without packing on the extra calories, fat, or cholesterol. Almost all of the meals she eats include a wide variety of foods that are rich in fiber and low in fat and calories.

She also hydrates throughout the day. Research indicates that drinking enough water throughout the day is crucial for those who want to lose a lot of weight quickly. This apparently seems to work – Sara’s amazing weight loss in a short period of time proves this.


Sara Ali Khan’s daily food chart:


She admitted many times that she just love foods, such as chole bhatura and sweets. But it is the trend of Bollywood, which keeps her motivated to lose weight.

If you were to walk around with Sara for a day to observe her daily diet, you would notice the following:

  • Pre-breakfast drink:

    a glass of warm water.


  • Breakfast:

    includes foods that are rich in fiber and complex starches. She eats idlis for breakfast. Idlis are made out of fermented rice flour, and rice is a complex starch. Consumption of complex starches is necessary for people who want to lose weight quickly. She also eats plain egg whites which are high in protein. Protein is a key amino acid that speeds up metabolism.

  • It helps people lose weight faster because it makes them burn more calories quicker. Her breakfast meal ends with plain toast. Bread belongs to the complex carbohydrate group. While it is true that excess complex carbs are stored by the body as fat, complex carbs eaten in moderate amounts can actually give the body the energy it needs to function optimally throughout the day.


  • Lunch:

    She eats dals for lunch. Once again, these are high in protein and fiber. They happen to be low in fat and cholesterol. So they keep people fuller for longer. This takes away their incentive to constantly eat unhealthy foods throughout the day. She eats plain chapatis.

  • These are made out of wheat flour. Wheat is a grain that is rich in complex carbs, so they can be seen as ‘the ultimate energy food!’ The chapatis she eats are not roasted in oil or ghee beforehand. She is not consuming excess saturated fats and cholesterol for this reason. Both are known to cause rapid weight gain quickly.
  • She eats the traditional raita which is rich in protein and loaded with vegetables. Vegetables have lots of antioxidants that are known to keep the body healthier. Green vegetables are also full of filling fiber, and they are mostly water so they are digested by the body easily. Vegetables are relatively low in fat and cholesterol. Sara also eats plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits are full of fructose which is a natural sugar that gives the body plenty of the good energy it needs to function throughout the day. Fruits are also full of fiber. Sara admits that her lunch is so healthy and filling that she really doesn’t feel like constantly snacking on junk food like samosas, or aloo chaat throughout the day.


  • Evening snack:

    Sara chows down on upma which is processed rice. It is full of protein, complex carbs, and even fiber. Therefore it fills her up quickly and gives her the energy she needs to make it to dinnertime.


  • Dinner:

    Sara fills herself up with lots of unleavened, plain chapatis and vegetables that are not cooked in oil or ghee. This protein, fiber, and carb-rich meal are enough to sustain her through the night. She does not feel hungry again until she wakes up in the morning.


Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss secrets described further:

Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss secrets don’t stop at eating the right combinations of healthy food throughout the day at the right times. She is also an exercise freak. Sara visits the gym regularly and admits that lots of moderate exercises have been key to helping her lose lots of weight quickly and keep it off!

She also loads up with carbs before her workout with muesli, fruits, and vegetables and other healthy foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates. This gives her the extra energy she needs to build up calorie-burning muscle mass. She also burns more calories because she has more energy which she can exert on her body through intense exercises. Sara does pilates and these are exercises that are known to melt the pounds and fat away.

She also spotted playing tennis many times. Princess Sara loves to lose calories by playing tennis, swimming, etc.


Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss secrets have changed her life:

Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss secrets have changed her life because they have given her a new body and a new image that she can feel proud of and project to her fans and the public. This makes her feel better about herself and it improves her confidence in herself!


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